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You know that feeling when you’ve had an amazing experience with a business and you just can’t wait to tell everyone about it? That’s the kind of feeling we want to create for your clients too.

We want to help you take your business to the next level so that your clients walk away feeling like they’ve just experienced something unforgettable.

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Our approach

We understand that working with branding and marketing agencies can be challenging. It’s not always easy to find an agency that takes the time to truly understand your unique needs and business.

Luma Liz Emma Hubanks with clients

That’s where we come in.

At Luma Liz, we firmly believe that nobody knows your business better than YOU do. That’s why we dedicate the first two weeks of your project to gaining an in-depth understanding of your brand, goals, and business.

Our goal is not only to produce aesthetically pleasing designs, but also to enhance every aspect of your business, from messaging, branding, and websites to marketing recommendations. You can rest assured that Luma Liz will always give the time, care, and attention that your business deserves.

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Michelle Rizzi
founder + designer at levo creative

“Emma helped me feel confident enough to jump right in and start the design process. I’m grateful for how in-depth she is because it allowed me to really consider the message I wanted my audience to hear.

Without her process, I don’t think I would have come up with something my clients would relate to.”

An agency built on success (and failure)

Luma Liz is what it is today because of an error I made when I first launched my design business. I didn’t think through things, and it wasn’t recognized until later that the branding wasn’t working. Although the visuals were attractive, it lacked purpose. It didn’t stand out and certainly wasn’t attracting the right people.

So, like many entrepreneurs that miss the mark, I went back to the drawing board.

Cue lightbulb moment: BRAND STRATEGY

Luma Liz Emma Hubanks

With strategy, I clarified my purpose, found my voice, and finally understood our customers and how to connect with them. Launching Luma Liz resulted in website visitors staying on for 3x longer than industry averages and booking 5-figure clients!

Once these big results started happening for our clients, we knew that purpose-driven design needed to be at the center of everything we do.

Luma Liz is based in the Memphis Metropolitan Area and works with professional and creative service providers all over the country, including:

Photographers, Lawyers, Designers,

Financial Experts, Copywriters,

Contractors, Healthcare Providers,

and more!




Financial Experts,



Healthcare Providers,

and more!

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Dr John D.O. Exceptional Urgent Care
john im, d.o.
founder + director at exceptional urgent care

“Working with Luma Liz is like a fine dining experience.”

“Emma helped me to see that creating a successful business involves not just providing a good product or service, but also ensuring that your customers have the best possible experience. She guided me through the process of analyzing every aspect of my business, from my values and message to my target audience. She transformed our brand into a warm, modern, and mature patient experience that surpassed my expectations.

Working with Emma requires an open mind and a willingness to ask questions, but the more collaborative you are to the process, the better the result because she’ll deliver a finished product that’s better than you could realize is possible. If you really want to be the “best” in your field, you have to invest in this level of branding to attract your people.”

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